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Veterans Food Assistance Program To Provide Gift Cards And Certificates To Veterans

The Veterans Food Assistance Program is helping veterans combat food insecurity by providing them with gift cards and certificates.

July 29, 2023

Marquette- The Veterans Food Assistance Program is open to applications from Veterans, Caregivers, and Surviving Spouses across the Upper Peninsula.

The Veteran Food Assistance program is designed to help address food insecurity among veterans with a grocery store gift card or a certificate connecting veterans to benefits, services, and community resources.

With the help of the grocery gift card, the veterans can get a few bags of groceries for themselves and their families. The Bob Woodruff Foundation was one of the initial partners who helped fund the gift card and certificates.

The applicants receiving the gift cards or certificates are not allowed to use the card for buying alcohol, tobacco, lottery, or cash back.

The food assistance cards and certificates are important for a variety of reasons such as to offer a little bit of assistance to struggling veterans in times of need. If an applicant does not have the vehicle or phone to apply, the application provides a low-barrier opportunity.

The program’s outreach also plays a significant role in the work UPCAP is doing to connect veterans to resources or benefits along with providing food assistance.

According to the veteran food assistance card flyer, the veterans, national guard, reserves, surviving spouses or caregivers can apply on behalf of the veteran. Another condition is that veterans must be living in the U.P. The applicants who are applying for the first time will be given priority.

Interested applicants can call on the helpline no. 1-800-228-1119 on weekdays from 8:30 am-4:30 pm to apply for the food card. Consequently, the applicants will be provided with referrals to additional veteran resources and services during the application process.

Before distributing food cards and certificates, the veterans need to show proof of military service such as ID cards or any other documentation.

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