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Veterans Suicide Rate Comes Down, Department Of VA Prepares Report

The Department of Veterans Affairs prepared a report on the number of suicides committed by U.S. Veterans. 

September 26, 2023

The Veterans Health Administration announced to improve suicide prevention among veterans after the national veterans crisis line fumbled communication with a suicidal veteran who took his own life. 

Veterans Suicide rate remains a concern for American Civilians and veterans. Although veteran suicides have decreased recently, with 2020 seeing the lowest numbers since 2006, the rates are still notably higher than those of civilians.

There were around 6,146 veteran suicides in 2020. According to the report by the Department of Veteran Affairs 2022, nearly 17 veterans take their lives daily. The report also said that the suicide rate for veterans was 57% higher in 2020 than for non-veteran U.S. Adults. 

Besides this, the report also said that veterans aged between 55 and 74 have the highest number of suicides. 

So, if you or someone else you know is going through a mental health crisis, ask them to reach out to the helpline number.

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