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Vets Experiencing Homelessness Likely To Own Home

Compared to the Americans, the homeless veterans or the ones at risk of homelessness are more likely to own a home. 


October 19, 2023

The research conducted on veterans reveals that they are more likely to own a home compared to other Americans and also more likely to become homeless than their non-military peers. 

It is the home loan benefits and higher employment rates that have kept the homeownership rankings above their civilian peers for the last decade. 

Compared to 60% non veterans, nearly 80% of veterans own a home. One reason is that veterans have access to home financing programs involving lower down payments and lower interest rates apart from the commercial market. 

Unfortunately, veterans have trouble accessing these advantages because of the lingering health issues from their service such as post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual trauma, and depression. 

According to the data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), veterans make up 7% of the homeless population but only 5% of the total population in America. 

Federal agencies can decrease this gap between successful and struggling veterans by educating them on financial resources, especially among the vulnerable groups of the population. 

For instance, veterans who served after 2000 are more likely to be renters than veterans from previous generations. 


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