HUD Headquarters

HUD Field, Regional and Public Housing Authority Offices

There are 3 different types of HUD Offices: HUD Regional Offices, HUD Field Offices, and Public Housing Authorities.

HUD Offices

There are 10 geographical Regions of HUD in the United States. Each Region has a designated Regional Administrator who oversees the management of each region. The regions are further divided into Field Offices. There are 54 Field Offices and each covers certain states and counties within the states.

Regional Office

Field Office

Public Housing Authorities By State

Public housing agencies or PHAs are sometimes also referred to as Housing Authorities. These agencies are funded and regulated by the federal government. Their main purpose is to develop long-term and sustainable housing strategies for the communities that they serve. 

The housing authorities have numerous services within their jurisdiction such as Public Housing Programs and Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Programs. Every housing authority strives to serve their community best and meet all their needs with the help of a wide array of programs.

Last Updated: August 21, 2023